Welcome to your new community: The Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association.

On behalf of our more than 25,000 alumni, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your impending graduation and welcome you to the Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association. We are one of the oldest alumni associations in the country, with members in all 50 states and more than 70 countries around the world. You are, in fact, the third class of ’13 to enter our ranks as graduates of our distinguished College, joining the classes of 1913 and 1813 among what we call our “long blue line” of alumni.

It seems like just yesterday I walked across the stage on Hartman Green, received my diploma, and headed out into the world. But, the fact is, it doesn’t seem that recent. It’s been more than 30 years, and a lot of life has happened. Yet, for all of that time, I have counted F&M as one of the communities that matters most to me. F&M has left an indelible mark on my life. My education here transformed me and has made such a difference that I can’t imagine what kind of person I might have become otherwise.

For this I am grateful, and it has created a lifelong desire to remain connected to the College and to give back my time and my money to further the College’s mission to help the students who have come after me. My belief is that part of the privilege of being a graduate of F&M is the responsibility of giving back, just as the alumni who came before me did to further my education and opportunities. It’s a personal choice I make and encourage you to consider as well. I can say, in all honesty, that what I have received in return has been well worth my investment.

As a new member of the Alumni Association, you are joining a busy organization with 19 regional chapters that host dozens of events each year where alumni of all ages come together to be entertained, educated, or just to enjoy each other’s company. Many of our alumni stay connected by offering career mentoring, internships, and even jobs to students and other alumni. You will undoubtedly learn, as I have, that the phrase, “I went to F&M,” will be magic words when spoken to a fellow alumnus, and will form an instant bond between the two of you.

There are many other ways to be involved with the College and your classmates — through our growing list of affinity groups — by attending Homecoming/Family Weekend and reunion events or by participating in the Franklin & Marshall Admission Network (FAN), where you can help recruit the next generation of students seeking the same outstanding education we have all received here. Do us a favor, though, and keep us updated with where you are in the world so we can stay in touch.

Again, congratulations from all of us, welcome to the Alumni Association, and remember, while you are leaving Franklin & Marshall, F&M will never leave you.

Best wishes,
David Taylor `81
Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association