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To the Editor:

Although this is indeed a touchy subject, I strongly support our right to the freedom of speech. We have the right to voice our opinions and argue what we believe in. Specifically, in regard to the article written, I believe there are parts of the POSSE Foundation itself that can take away from a students motivation and drive. The following is stated on possefoundation.org, “There is not minimum GPA needed to be maintained by a POSSE Scholar…” and “POSSE has no cut offs as far as GPAs and SATs/ACTs…”

I believe there should be less of a disparity between F&M’s average/median scores and POSSE’s average/median scores. I don’t intend to upset members of the POSSE Foundation and I’m not saying that members of POSSE do not work hard, but the reason I chose this school was to be among students of similar caliber.

Patrick Stehn ’14