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With October nearly halfway finished, it’s that time of year again to start brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. Remember: creative costumes are always crowd pleasers.

One of the easiest ways to showcase creativity with Halloween costumes is by channeling popular TV shows. A group of four girls can easily go as Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars by wearing black dresses and smearing dirt on their faces. If others want to tag along, they can fill the roles of Alison, Mona, Paige, etc.

To get the guys in a group of friends involved in a themed Halloween costume, consider going out dressed as the gang from How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory or, as Glamour magazine suggests, the cast of Mad Men. By forcing the guys into suits and having the ladies in the group dress up in ’50s-inspired dresses and faux-fur shawls, you have a classy and pretty warm option for the chilly fall air. Cosmopolitan agrees TV shows offer great ideas, suggesting to go as Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls by sporting yellow dresses and adding red trim.

Following with the pop-culture group theme, try going out as the characters from Clue: Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Peacock. All this idea requires are color-coded outfits and maybe a candlestick and a wrench to carry around, but stick with a water gun instead of a revolver.

By owning a pair of green pants, a black shirt, a black leather or rain jacket, and a solid pair of boots, anyone can be one of the tributes from The Hunger Games. Add an orange backpack or fake arrows to make it extra legitimate. Finally, girls can French fishtail braid their hair to complete the Katniss look.

If you’re not going as part of a group, definitely try to keep an element of class in the costume. The standard for is typically Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress and long, white gloves. Add pearls and a long cigarette holder, but skip the smoke. Similarly, being a Greek goddess is an easy and pretty option by wearing a draped dress or a toga with braided hair.

Zombies are huge right now, and what could be easier? Guys and girls can wear some ripped clothes, a little dark eyeshadow under the eyes and maybe the cheekbones (for that hungry, sunken look), a dribble of fake blood out of the mouth and you’re good to go.

While a skimpy outfit may seem like a good idea now in the planning stages, they usually don’t end well. First, there’s the very possible chance of looking totally trashy. Showing too much skin typically leads to girls being judged and even Glamour agrees some things should be left to the imagination. Also keep in mind that the end of October is relatively cold, possibly getting into the ’30s and showing too much skin may end with frostbite.

Considering most F&M students are smart, fairly witty, and clever, the days of basic witch costumes or slutty bunnies are far gone and should never be revisited. Having a creative costume doesn’t have to cost too much, or anything at all, if the planning process starts now. To ensure an interesting and imaginative outfit, just look to pop culture for ideas; games, movies, and shows provide plenty of options.

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