On behalf of all of the underclassmen on our staff, we would like to dedicate the last masthead of the year in honor of our beloved seniors. We have benefited so much from their abundance of wisdom and we will miss them more than they know. Their legacy will live on at TCR for many years to come. Here, we will take a moment to shine the spotlight on them and celebrate their contributions to The College Reporter over the last four years.

Sophie Afdhal: You are absolutely the social butterfly of TCR. Your positive spirit and sense of humor always keep the staff laughing. We truly appreciate your commitment to the paper. Most of all, thank you for being such an incredible sports editor even though you don’t like sports.

Arielle Lipset: Thank you for your unwavering commitment to The College Reporter. Your dedication to the paper is unparalleled, your passion for truly good journalism is inspiring, and your perky, bubbly presence kept the whole staff going. You will be missed.

Abby Quint: Why do I shout “live your truth?” at every turn? Why am I a proud, well-informed feminist? Why can I navigate InDesign with reasonable proficiency? And why am I going to weep with wild abandon at graduation? Because, Abby Quint. You have been unreasonably, illogically committed to this paper. You have taught us all so very much about Toni Morrison and Indiana. You have shown us we do not necessarily “need” to drink while working on this paper. And you have made all of our times at F&M so sunny and special. I cannot wait to see all you do. Cuz Henani season’s approaching, whatever y’all been hearing.

Scott Onigman: You committed bastard. You’ve contributed four great years to TCR and made our instagram #famous, and all while politely reminding us that you were never really interested in — or indeed, have never agreed to — editing this paper. We know you’ll do wonderful things in your post-grad life, and we will miss you and all of your feelings (because yes, you’re allowed to have feelings!) in the office every week. Thank you so much for jumping ship at Epilogue way back when. Sorry Kimberly called you a golfer that one time.

Alanna Koehler: For one person to be such a strong writer, so good with InDesign, a star neuro major, and a plucky, representative citizen of New Jersey, is purely unfair. We have all greatly enjoyed, and perhaps made better by, your extensive knowledge and referencing of Professor Jinks (Hi, Jinks! Sure you’re reading this!), the collapse of every roommateship you’ve ever pursued, and what it truly means to be a Garth Brooks superfan. Thank you for pouring so much energy into this paper over the years. It loves you, and so do we.

Many thanks to each and every one of you for your unique talents and contributions, and for making The College Reporter great. We know you will all go on to do great things in your postgraduate lives, and we will miss you all dearly.