By Rohail Spear || Layout Assistant

Photo Courtesy of Skylar Zachian.

Skylar Zachian is from Villanova, Pennsylvania. She started Pre-K at a small private school in her hometown. She recently graduated from that same school. With only sixty-five people in her graduating class, she “knew everybody really well that [she] was graduating with” but admits that it has “been refreshing to be able to meet new people all the time” at F&M. 

Skylar had plenty of time to meet new people during the CURB-Up pre orientation program she attended. The program is meant to introduce incoming freshmen to the campus and the greater Lancaster city. This program is where the infamous creek-stomping tradition takes place. Unfortunately, Skylar’s experience involved falling into the creek. ” Fortunately, Peter – “shout out to Peter – Peter saved [her].” 

A few of the more memorable parts of orientation for Skylar included the convocation and the walk through the Lux and Lex gate. She “loved” the convocation: “It was just a really nice welcome… it wasn’t too long.” In terms of the walk, “all the faculty were… clapping for [them]” and she enjoyed how she walked with students from all of the other houses. Skylar is in boncheck house, which she “honestly think[s]… is the best house, for real.”

Skylar is interested in the creative writing track of the English major. Unlike her family, which is made up of “a bunch of doctors,” she is the “odd one out.” Although she appreciates the work her parents do, “ever since [she] was really young [she] knew that [she] wasn’t going to [do] STEM.” Her interests lie in the humanities. 

Other than playing with gaming apps that pay real money, dance is one of Skylar’s favorite hobbies. She has been on the dance team since sixth grade. If you see her “walking around dancing, that’s just what [she] does.” Currently, Skylar is taking a class called Dance and World Cultures, which takes place in a studio. The class involves learning the dance of what they read about for homework. In the near future, Skylar hopes to become further involved in dance at F&M: hip-hip is her style of choice.

In terms of places to eat on campus, “CC has not let [her] down yet.” Her go-to is the avocado roll drenched with soy sauce. With the dining hall, “you just gotta get a good day.” The meal plan, however, is the main issue. She doesn’t want to check how many swipes she has left because she is “scared [she has] been swiping too much… The most confusing thing has been like 50 people trying to explain the meal plan and me still not getting it.”

Sophomore Rohail Spear is a Layout Assistant for Campus Life. His email is