By Nicole Strauss, Contributing Writer ||

As we are nearing October, we are looking forward to the foliage, apple picking, and holidays. Most importantly, though, we are nearing the MLB postseason and the World Series. Ten teams will play their hearts out, but only one will take the WS winning title.

With only a few games remaining in the season, predictions are running high for who the wining team will be. Guesses are flying on what teams will make it to the playoffs and which will snatch the wildcard. There is no question that Baltimore and Los Angeles are going to the playoffs, since they are currently 14 and 11.5 games ahead in the American League East and West standings.

AL Central is a battle between Detroit and Kansas City. KC is only trailing 2 games behind and looking to catch up quickly. The Nationals are also holding their spot in the playoffs, 16 games ahead of the other teams in the NL East. The Dodgers (NL West) are also holding on to their spot in the playoffs. The battle for the NL Central playoffs spot is between the Cardinals and the Pirates (only trailing 1.5 games behind).

Wildcard spots are most likely going to be given to Kansas City and Oakland for the American League, and Pittsburg and San Francisco for the National League.

The top two wildcard teams from each league are competing for that spot in the playoffs. There are some key factors that will determine which teams obtain the playoffs WC spot. The Pirates have become an absolute powerhouse these past couple weeks, winning 14 out of a total of 17 games. The Pirate’s recent successes have led to a heightened fan base and have become a threat for San Francisco. The Giants will have to beat the Dodgers tonight in order for them to play the Pirates for the wild card spot.

In the American League, Kansas City and Oakland are most likely going to be playing each other for the WC spot. The Royals had a hard time defensively the other night; with pitcher Jason Vargas giving up four runs on four hits.

Yet, even with their defensive flaws, the Royals are still in the running due to their offensive skills. Oakland still holds a top AL wild card spot, with a total of 86 wins and 72 losses.

Some predict that the World Series will result in an Angels – Nationals show down. The Angels have phenomenal pitching and the Nationals have a strong line-up. Others think that there will be a Tigers – Dodgers World Series, filled with an unusual match and lots of good pitching.

By the end of the season we will have a new winner. Based on the stats, it will be a tough closing month.

Teams will be pitching, throwing and swinging to the last inning, but in the end there must be one victor. At the end of the day, only most endured will survive, and it increasingly seems like it will not be the Rangers.

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