By Laura Manis || Contributing Writer

Television. The best way truly to push your worries aside and truly immerse yourself in any fictional world of your choosing. What is most people’s go-to streaming service of choice? I know, we’re all thinking it—Netflix, of course. It’s the blueprint for all television connoisseurs. They pretty much have it all. Horror, sappy romcoms, oldies, romance, and (who are we kidding here) those corny Netflix originals we all secretly love to watch.

However, since many people love and rely on the service to provide all their television needs, it’s understandable that when Netflix cancels someone’s comfort show or takes off a movie that you were justtttt going to watch right after the other 4 on your list, it can be pretty disappointing. I’m sorry if you have to find out this way, but here are some of the recent show cancellations Netflix called for recently. 

Warrior Nun

The Netflix show, Warrior Nun, based on the comic series by Ben Dunn, got the ax from the network despite its cult following. Fans remain confused as to why the show has been canceled, considering it was in Netflix’s top ten for multiple weeks. However, the show is not going out without a fight. Simon Barry, Warrior Nun’s showrunner, has been posting on Twitter in an attempt to save the show. Fans have also been protesting the cancellation. #SaveWarriorNun was trending, so hopefully this is not truly the end of the beloved fantasy show! 

Dead End: Paranormal Park

An animated Netflix show about two adolescents who are forced to fight an evil force was unfortunately one of the shows that didn’t get renewed for another season. This show attempted to capture the paranormal feeling Gravity Falls had but wasn’t quite able to reach the success of Alex Hirsch’s beloved show. 

The Chair

A comedy show following the first woman of color to be appointed head of the department of English at a well-revered university, The Chair is another show that reached a too-early end. The series’s star Sandra Oh expressed how she wished that the show was picked up for a season 2. However, this cancellation isn’t as much of a surprise since it failed to hold a spot in Netflix’s top 10’s for longer than 19 days. 

Overall, while it is disappointing to some fans that these shows will not be returning, Netflix has many more shows in store, which are set to debut in the upcoming New Year. I am sure there will be something new to fill the void! 

First-Year Laura Manis is a Contributing Writer for The College Reporter. Her email is