By Bridget Johnston ||  Layout Assistant

Currently, the Office of Student and Post Graduate Development (OSPGD) is in the process of hiring a new Program Coordinator-Post Graduate Fellow.  This position, set to begin in June 2016, is available for any recently graduated or graduating F&M student.

In plain language, the Fellow would be responsible for “coordinating all program logistics, working with visiting speakers and accommodating their needs, and ensuring that the rooms and spaces meet the needs of both the audience and the speaker,” said Beth Throne, director of OSPGD.

In addition, the position requires that the Fellow monitor data-metrics, or statistical data intended to document, among other things, which students are most likely to utilize OSPGD’s service based on major and year, along with what programs they take advantage of.   Similarly, the Fellow would also work with outcome-metrics, which looks at where F&M graduates are during their first five to ten years after graduation.  This data, initially processed by the Fellow, is crucial for both the OSPGD itself, and for the admissions office.

This one-to-two year program, because of its design as a fellowship, also features a strong mentorship element.  Along with providing important work experience, the position emphasizes professional development.  According to Throne, the position is intended to be “a role that prepares you for many different opportunities, while also providing a meaningful experience while the graduate learns what it is they truly want to do beyond college.”

This position initially originated several years ago when OSPGD hired a recent graduate for a fellowship, which at the time existed as a loosely defined version of the currently offered position.  Upon the completion of the Fellowship, the graduate was promptly hired to work full time for Dan Porterfield, president of the College, and his former fellowship position was converted into a full time office job, held by an OSPGD employee until this year. 

OSPGD, electing to treat this vacancy as an opportunity, intends to revert the job back into its original form as a permanently funded Fellowship, allowing the chosen graduate stay with them for the full two years.

Ideally, OSPGD is searching for a graduate who is confident in talking to any audience, whether it is a fellow student or a member from the Board of Trustees. In addition, they are looking for someone who would be able to bring a fresh perspective in regards to what students and alumni need from the office, while also being able and willing to interact personally with both large and small scale events at the hands on level.

Throne explained that the ideal applicant would be, “detail oriented, with strong organization, critical thinking and communication skills, both in the written and the verbal sense.  It is an added bonus if the graduate is familiar with OSPGD, and loves and values their F&M experience.”

The call for applications is currently open, with interviews scheduled to take place during April and May of 2016. Due to the nature of OSPGD’s operations during the summer, the Fellowship is scheduled to begin in June. 

Current and future students are also asked to take advantage of this opportunity from OSPGD by interacting with the Fellow and providing them with feedback regarding any and all OSPGD services. Throne hopes this fellowship will help to make the office more accessible and help to ensure they are providing students with what is most relevant and in demand. 

Sophomore Bridget Johnston is a layout assistant. Her email is