By Steven Viera || Senior Editor

Beginning this summer, the College will initiate a program aimed at local high school and college students entitled “Egypt: Mother of the World.” The program, which will be non-residential, is aimed at students with little or no exposure to Arabic.

Students who participate in the program will study the Egyptian Dialect of Arabic, which is the most widely understood dialect of Arabic within the Arab world, and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is used in Arabic news media, literature, and other forms of mass culture. According to F&M’s website, the program “offers students an immersive, communicative environment” that includes cooking classes, guest speakers, opportunities to interact with native speakers of Arabic, and field trips to Christian Coptic churches, ethnic restaurants, and markets.

“Students will learn to buy and sell as well as how to order in restaurants,” said Christine Kalleeny, director of F&M’s Arabic Language Program, according to this article on F&M’s website.

The program will run from June 28 to August 11 and will meet on campus four times a week during 3.5-hour sessions. Any student who completes the course will receive the equivalent of an F&M credit of Arabic 101; they will also be able to take a half-credit language course during the fall semester at no additional cost that will enable them to transition into Arabic 102 in the spring, if they so choose.

To apply, interested students must complete the online application, available here, as well as submit school transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and, if they are under 18 years of age, a signed parental consent form. Since there will be a cost associated with participation in the program, scholarships will be available; the deadline to apply for scholarships will be April 15, and
awards will be announced via email on May 1.

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