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OneRepublic fans will have a chance to “feel again” one of the coolest bands on the scene right now. Native, the third studio album for the Colorado-based band, features the infectious hits “Feel Again” and “If I Lose Myself.” Those are just two of the awesome tracks on this album.

OneRepublic is one of those bands that never ceases to deliver. It is consistently spectacular with its catchy lyrics and phenomenal musicality. One staple seen throughout each album is the use of percussion, which adds an extra layer and beat to the song. There is the standard beat, but then there are songs like “What You Wanted.” This song starts off with a simple, marching-style drumbeat then, at the pre-chorus, an electric piano scale comes in, followed by violins. It’s dramatic, but Ryan Tedders’ voice is not overpowered.

The songs have a groovy essence. One of the highlights of the album is “Feel Again,” which will make you clap your hands and stomp your feet. One of my favorite songs of this album is the opening track, “Counting Stars” because it’s really dynamic; there is one part in particular that really catches you. It starts with a slow guitar picking until it transforms into movement, with the drums and piano creating a hypnotic beat that hooks you. This is one of the songs that has high potential to be a hit. It’s hip, and Tedder’s high notes make the song interesting, complementing the upbeat tempo of the song.

One of the most unique tracks on the album is called “Can’t Stop,” which starts with a single drumbeat that builds and then remains steady while a tinkling of piano comes in with the lyrics. It has an edgier sound than the other songs on the album. Tedder displays his falsetto and unique voice with various runs and high notes throughout the track. His voice is soulful and powerful without being in your face.

[three_fourth]Native promises to follow the successes of OneRepublic’s two previous albums: Dreaming Out Loud and Waking Up. Fans of the band need not fear a complete change of sound as Native still has that essential OneRepublic sound fans love. It is a great album for any purpose. Native is a definite buy. It’s a quality album made by a quality band and if you purchase it, your iPod will be ten times cooler, guaranteed.[/three_fourth]

Review Rating:
OneRepublic’s Native is literally the greatest album ever recorded.


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