Margaret Hazlett

Fri, Aug 14, 4:59 PM

Dear Students,

On Monday you will begin receiving daily ‘check in’ emails if you are permitted to be in residence or a commuter for the fall. You are required to complete the daily health screen, whether you are coming to campus or not.  If you do not plan to be on campus, you will only have to answer the first question.  The questionnaire is very brief and walks you through the process of doing a personal symptom and exposure check.

The daily email will come from healthscreen@fandm.eduWhen you access the link for the first time, you will have the option to change your preference to receive the daily message as a text as well. 

You will receive a green check mark in your browser, as well as in email, if you are authorized to come on campus following the screening.  It will have your name and a date and time stamp.  If you are not authorized to come on campus you will get a red ‘X’ and further instructions.  The Student Wellness Center will monitor these responses.

Thank you for taking this important step to help us all have a safer campus. If you have any questions please send them to

Thank you,

Margaret L. Hazlett

Vice President & Dean of Student Affairs