By Emma Lenz-Mann || Contributing Writer

F&M is all talk and no do. We can talk and talk about racism, but I know that the non white students don’t want to constantly have to educate the adults in the administration and other ignorant students about the daily racism they face.

The admin NEEDS to start making clear that racism and racist remarks and racist people cannot be tolerated. Starting with the people in question.They should not just get a slap on the wrist and have a little talk with the President. They need to be benched or taken off the team.

We can’t keep on supporting racism on this campus if we are to get anywhere.

I know me and so many other people will be transferring if F&M continues to allow racism on campus. I heard from juniors and seniors that there has always been racism on campus. So where’s the accountability???

There needs to be policy to deal with this. There needs to be more non white admin in the staff and wellness center. It’s horrendous that there’s ONLY ONE black person in the center.

These minorities need representation and MORE resources. And this should go without saying, but, F&M needs to show that racism and these micro and macro aggressions will not be tolerated.

Non white people should not have to coddle these racists and have to deal with racism every single year. So, freaking DO SOMETHING.

Starting with taking these students off the soccer and basketball teams.

First-year Emma Lenz-Mann is a Contributing Writer. Her email is