By Ruby Van Dyk || Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 20th I got up early, pulled on my winter clothes, got a cup coffee and walked to Lancaster train station all whilst simultaneously holding a sign with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s face on it. Why? The Women’s March. We caught the train to Philadelphia and met up with 50,000 people to march. It was a unseasonably beautiful January day and the sun was out as people young and old marched, signs held proudly in the air. The march started at Aviator Park and moved towards The Art Museum, where many speakers and performers spoke to the crowd about politics, feminism, racism and the METOO movement. Cheers erupted as women called for change and progression in today’s culture. People had signs that ranged from feminist takes on Dr. Seuss quotes to Beyonce lyrics. As I stood looking out into the massive crowd my heart swelled with pride. I was proud to be a part of an amazing day, and most importantly, proud to be a woman.

First-year Ruby Van Dyk is a Staff Writer. Her email is