By Joe Yamulla || Opinion & Editorial Editor

Thank God for punk rock. That’s all I have to say after listening to Blink 182’s comeback album from this summer, California.

Fans of the notorious rock band got a hint of California in May when they released their first single, “Bored to Death.” Blink goes back to their roots as the single is cued in with Travis Barker’s unique drumming as the song reflects on the 1990s and early 2000s feel that made us fall in love with the punk rock trio. Other songs on the album such as “San Diego,” “California,” and “Home is Such a Lonely Place” imply a sense of reminiscence of their younger days, but also a reminder that even as 40 year old men, they still can rock.

Loyal fans of Blink 182, such as myself, were inevitably a bit concerned when it was announced that guitarist and vocalist Tom Delonge would not be a part of California. There was no fight or major falling out, but it was said that the band grew apart as they got older. However, seasoned bass player and vocalist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Travis Barker were all aboard to make a return to music. Blink recruited Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio to take Delonge’s place, and he did not disappoint. He fit right in with Hoppus as they shared the vocal responsibilities. Skiba meshed with the group, and in many songs you would barely be able to distinguish the difference between his voice and Tom Delonge.

Blink has the ability to write songs about wild times, love, the past, and the future. They’ve touched fan’s hearts for over 20 years now. I was fortunate enough to see them in Camden in August on their tour. The fans in attendance ranged from adults looking back on their punk rock college days, to a younger generation falling in love with the unique sound and talent of Blink 182.

In addition to playing songs off California, they also performed some crowd favorites of the past. The crowd erupted as “All the Small Things,” “I Miss You,” and “Feeling This” were played.

Blink proved to us that they are able to make a memorable comeback, and also that they haven’t abandoned their roots. California is a smash hit and I hope that this is not a farewell for Blink 182, but instead the first step in a new future of punk rock.

Junior Joe Yamulla is the Opinions & Editorial Editor. His email is