By Steven Viera || Senior Editor

Dan Porterfield, president of the College, announced in an email in late October that work would begin on a series of major construction projects. Upon completion, all projects — which are scheduled to be finished by Spring — will result in the renovation of restaurant space in College Square into an infirmary, installation of a floor and track in the Alumni Sports & Fitness Center and new professional playground painting.

“[In College Square] the project is located on the east side of the first floor, in what was formerly the Gibraltar and Doc Holiday’s restaurant space,” said Sheldon Wenger, assistant director for project management from F&M’s Facilities & Operations (F&O). “The demolition phase was completed on Nov. 11. Permitting will take place over the next four-to-six weeks, and then construction will begin around the middle to end of December.”

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The renovations in College Square come as a part of F&M’s partnership with Lancaster General Health (LGH) to provide increased health services to students. In his email, Porterfield pointed out that the new facility will feature a 9,200 square-foot health and counseling center complete with triage, exam, and treatment areas, laboratories for on-site medical screening, individual rooms for counseling, and community spaces for programs like yoga, athletic training, and more.

Porterfield also noted that when health services moves out of its current location in Appel Infirmary on campus, that space will be renovated into Harwood Commons, which will serve as the new home of the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development

The College is contracting local architecture firm Cornerstone Design to design the new space, which, according to Wenger, will result in two-thirds of the existing area becoming an infirmary and the other one-third will remain as a social space for student use. Additionally, Benchmark Construction, a local contractor, has been hired to perform the renovations, which should be completed by about May 31, 2016.  

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In the ASFC, work is underway to install a new indoor track and field flooring system that complies with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulations and guidelines.

“The new floor will be installed on top of the existing floor,” Wenger said. “The upper track will also be receiving a new floor, but it will be smooth whereas the main field house will have a textured finish, similar to our outdoor track.”

Sasaki Associates from Boston, Massachusetts is serving as the architect, and the flooring installation will be conducted by Benyon Sports Surfaces. According to Porterfield, the construction, which will take place from Nov. 2, 2015 to Jan. 31, 2016, should not disrupt access to normal ASFC facilities, such as locker rooms, the fitness center, the strength and conditioning center, the pool, and more.

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