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By Diana Lichtenstein || Onion Dip Columnist

So, for those who know me, which should be everyone at this point, I hope you remember my famous Cuffing Season article last year. If I do say so myself, even the TCR editor-in-chief spoke highly of it, regarding it as “one of her favorite pieces”. Anyways, if you don’t recall this masterpiece, it was my first humorous article that propelled me into my Onion Dip Columnist position. 

In this piece, I noted that students should start to feel the pressure to land themselves a significant other before cuffing season starts, which is from October to February. The crucial problem was J-Term taking away time to start relationships, and maybe now everyone feels the need to make up for lost time? 

This year, we have a totally different, but arguably scarier problem: we are in the midst of cuffing season and I guess people REALLY listened to my last article. Who isn’t in a relationship right now?? And if people are not in a relationship per se, they all seem to be exclusive, talking, or in a situationship! What’s a “situationship”, you might ask? Well, Google determines it to mean: “​​Less than a relationship, but more than a casual encounter or booty call, a situationship refers to a romantic relationship that is, and remains, undefined.” From what I’ve gathered, there are MANY situationships here at F&M, almost too many… 

These situationships will most likely become real soon, hence the cuffing season. Last week alone, I heard of 6 new things: 2 exclusive situations, and 4 new relationships. They seem to come out of nowhere to me. Maybe this is because I am a washed-up senior now. It does hurt a little bit when I’m the last to hear of tea. Anyways, all of these situations are going to shift into relationships right in time for the warm and cozy holidays. Spending thanksgiving with your boo this year? Skiing with your significant other in Vermont over Christmas? Ice skating and sipping on delicious hot chocolate with your other half? First of all, ew, but yes, I’m jealous. 

For those hogging all the options on campus, can you save some for the rest of us single ones? Thanks xoxo

Senior Diana Lichtenstein is the Onion Dip Columnist. Her email is