By Jack Kupsky || Contributing Writer

The Diplomatic Congress (DipCon) began its last meeting by debriefing on the recent forum on mental health, wellness, and stress, and using member and student feedback so as to improve future forums. Previous forums examined data from the National College Health Assessment (NaCHA) and explored ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our members agreed the forum was a good start to the conversation, but that future discussions need to have a great focus on solutions. We look forward to following up on the forum with extended community conversations that bring together both students and faculty. We are also excited about our next forum, centered on involvement in Lancaster, which will take place this Tuesday during the Uncommon Hour in New College House.

DipCon also discussed Gibraltar, the renovated restaurant space currently available for student programing in the College Square building. We have heard positive feedback about the space as a venue and are excited that student groups will have the opportunity to book it this semester. Students interested in reserving the space should contact Lucy Gillichbauer, director of College Programs, at We also talked about the new health  facility
planned for the building, which will see F&M’s current health services transitioning to that space and partnering with Lancaster General Health (LGH).

Finally, we are pleased to support the Peer Health Educators who are hosting a community discussion on marijuana and drug policy on campus on Tuesday, March 10 during Uncommon Hour in Booth Ferris in the Steinman College Center. We encourage you to attend if you would like to voice your opinion on this campus issue.

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Sophomore Jack Kupsky is the Public Relations Officer of the Diplomatic Congress. He can be reached at