By Steven Viera, News Editor ||

On Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 11:30 a.m., the Diplomatic Congress will host its first of several public forums to gauge student opinion on issues that affect the campus at large. The upcoming session will focus on whether or not F&M should be a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus.

At the forum, members of a panel, including Margaret Hazlett, dean of the College, will speak, and students will then have an opportunity to ask questions. According to members of the Diplomatic Congress, in the future, the organization hopes to be able to include a number of other members of the F&M community: club leaders, student government leaders, administrators, and possibly even members of the Lancaster community.

This series of forums represents a partnership with the Dean’s Office. From the student side, Grace Jeong ’15, the Diplomatic Congress’ health and wellness chair, has been helping to coordinate this upcoming session. In the future, other chairs  and members of the Diplomatic Congress will coordinate, organize, and promote forums and discussions to meet student need on other topics.

Upcoming forums will aim to provide an opportunity for students to share their opinions about campus on such topics as F&M’s relationship to Lancaster.

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