By Sophie Worthy and & Caylie Privitere ||  Contributing Writers

When the Cross Country team assembled for the first time this August, Head Coach John Stoudt had one message in mind: “regionals, regionals, regionals.” Already looking ahead to the end of the season, the Diplomats will use this goal to shape the focus and drive needed to facilitate a competitive showing at this year’s Mid-East Regional meet.

The team of numerous first-year and seasoned veterans approached the preseason practices with a collective attitude of determination, enthusiasm, and grit. After tackling grueling hill workouts and time trials, the Dips enter the regular season prepared to compete. “This year, a major focus for the team will be competition,” says Emma Lane, returning sophomore and key contributor, “considering that we’ve gained so many freshmen, the idea of giving 110% will be essential as we work together towards our collective goals.” Following a solid performance last weekend at F&M’s Alumni 5K, Stoudt agrees that the team is shaping up for a successful season.

With the season now underway, the mindset of improvement is crucial for ultimate team success. Thanks to the high demands of the sport – and frequent competitions that take place well into the fall – athletes often face injury and burnout before the key races of championship season. With this in mind, Stoudt returns to his opening mantra, carefully implementing a training plan designed to culminate in a peak performance in November. “Regionals, regionals, regionals,” Stoudt reiterates, “in the long run, that’s what it’s all about.”

The next test for the squad will take place this Friday at Dickinson’s “Little Three” meet.

Sophomore Sophie Worthy and First-year Caylie Privitere are contributing writers. Their emails are and