By Gabby Goodwin || Sports Editor 

As the F&M Women’s Soccer team found out two Saturdays ago, anything can happen on any given day. First-years can score goals. We can all bounce back from a loss. And F&M Women’s Soccer can beat the No. 15 DIII program in the country, Stevens. After a tough 3-0 loss the previous day to Pacific Lutheran, the Dips truly showed what it was like to be resilient when they upped Stevens 1-0 on Saturday. Stevens, who tied No. 3 Messiah the previous evening, came out ready and prepared to battle against the Diplomats. But, as their legs got tired and their touch, not so sharp, the Dips pounced on each and every opportunity they could get to beat the almighty Stevens. While the Ducks came out strong, their offensive attacks were nulled by a pair of shots by F&M’s Reanna Leoni, one of which was ripped from 30-yards out. The saving grace for the Dips not only came in the form of handshakes and hugs, but instead, in the form of goals. First-year Allison Klei, in the fifty-fifth minute of the game, turned on a pass from Leoni and took on an army of defenders, only to free herself up for a left-footed shot to put the Dips ahead. Amidst the cold rain and the whipping wind on Saturday, F&M Women’s Soccer battled through adversity and truly proved that everyday is a great day to be a Dip! The victory against Stevens marked the F&M program’s first win against a ranked opponent since Coach Kemp stepped in and evened the Dip’s record to 1-1. F&M Women’s Soccer returns to the field on Tuesday at Lancaster Bible and Saturday vs. Muhlenberg at home to deliver only the best of live action soccer.

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