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As the weather outside changes so do wardrobes. Not only is wearing shorts in the winter generally socially unacceptable, it’s not very practical either. Being poor college students, however, transitioning from summer to fall requires a bit more work than just going out and buying a whole new set of seasonally appropriate outfits. It may seem daunting at first, but the shift is easy if approached the correct way.

First and foremost, having the fall essentials will prove to be very important and are probably items that don’t even need to be bought, just dug out of closets. Obviously, long pants and jeans are a necessity for both sexes, as are sweatshirts. While not all men can pull off a sweater, those who can should definitely utilize them. The ladies should also take advantage of sweaters, both the pullover and cardigan. Thick, soft sweaters are clearly better than the thin, flimsy ones worn during breezy summer nights at the beach.

One of the easiest ways to conquer the chill is to keep temperature-sensitive areas warm, namely the feet and neck. When it comes to shoes, boots are a natural choice for the cooler weather. Riding, biker, and slouchy boots are once again popular as the women’s choice, with Uggs slowly losing steam. Because they’re not a new style, these boots are fairly easy to come by and can be purchased in real leather/suede or faux, for those who want to be animal and wallet-friendly. Steve Madden makes adorable zipper back boots, and knock-offs are available, too. For men who want to keep their feet toasty in boots, there are far more options now than just Timberland, or similarly styled, work boots. Palladium offers what some refer to as “Chucks on steroids,” that is, Chuck Taylor-shaped boots with fold-down fabric around the

Keeping the neck covered, and therefore warm, is easiest with scarves. Scarves allow women to add another layer, while remaining fashionable and are acceptable both inside and outside. Infinity scarves are especially popular this season and are a fun play on the standard. Guys can take advantage of scarves, too, if they wish. Instead of cute patterns or pashminas, though, they should stick with knit, polar fleece, or basic plaid scarves.

Naturally, layering is an easy way to stay warm. For women, the summer staple of a sundress and sandals easily transforms into a cute, fall-appropriate look by adding a long, thick, and cozy sweater; cardigans with a tight knit weave that hits at or around the hem of a dress are perfect.

In addition, boots that are either mid-calf or to the knee make the outfit very autumn-esque, with high socks peeking out or boot liners to complete the look. Tights can be worn in place of socks or liners as the temperature continues to dip. Even nicer shorts can continue to make an appearance, at least until around November, by layering cute, usually patterned, tights underneath. While this works best with high-waisted shorts; any pair that doesn’t scream summer will get the job done.

For guys, the standard summer outfit only needs a few adjustments to make it warm enough to be autumn-friendly. Considering the typical pairing is shorts and a t-shirt, the shorts can be traded for jeans and the tee can either be swapped for a long sleeve shirt or sweater, or a sweatshirt can be layered on top.

By layering some garments and substituting others, shifting from summer to fall clothes can be as easy as pumpkin pie. Finally, flip flops should be saved for the shower and sneakers or boots should take their place. Remembering that basic swaps are among the simplest ways to transition makes it much cheaper and less painful.

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