McBride has won over 15 major music awards and holds the record for most amount of nominations for CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year.
McBride has won over 15 major music awards and holds the record for most amount of nominations for CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year. (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

By Julia Chirls, Staff Writer ||

For all of those Martina McBride fans out there, you are in for a treat.   She will be unveiling a new album entitled Everlasting, featuring her soothing, nitty-gritty vocals in music written by legendary artists and musical groups from the past 50 years.  McBride is expected to release Everlasting on April 8. Although it is often difficult for artists to pull off covers, I think she does a pretty fantastic job. Of course, no artist can surpass the talent of the artists who originally sang these songs, like Elvis Presley, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James.

McBride essentially demonstrates this very statement through the title of the album, Everlasting. Regardless of who sings these songs, we know that the original artists’ talent will be everlasting. That being said, Everlasting will easily add to McBride’s list of twelve groundbreaking studio albums she has produced and released during her twenty-two-year-long career as the “Celine Dion of Country Music,” as she is often nicknamed.

Half of the tracks included on Everlasting have been released already, allowing listeners to get a thorough preview as they grow eager for the six new releases, enduring great amounts of suspense until its April 8 release.

Two artists bring life and harmony to Everlasting.  “In the Basement,” originally sung by artist Otis Redding, features Kelly Clarkson, who creates music that never fails to impress her following and continues to do so in this song. The tune has catchy lyrics and a steady beat, allowing listeners to clap along.  The lyrics remind listeners to take advantage of any place they go, as there will be endless opportunities to make the experience the best it can be.  “Oh, tell me where can you party, child, all night long? / In the basement, down in the basement, yeah. / Oh where can you go where your money gets low? / In the basement, whoa down in the basement / And if a storm is taking place, you can jam and still be safe.”

Gavin DeGraw sings alongside McBride in “Bring it On Home to Me,” originally sung by artist Sam Cooke. It is one of six tracks that have yet to be released, so we will just have to wait and see how his well-loved voice contributes to the tune.

McBride tackles “Suspicious Minds,” a universally known song originally composed by rock-and-roll legend Elvis Presley. McBride clearly adds her country twist, adding some trumpet sounds in the background and some riffs here and there. The song illustrates a very common issue in relationships, especially nowadays: suspicion of infidelity. Often, it is the cause of the downfall of relationships. “We can’t go on together / With suspicious minds / And we can’t build our dreams / On suspicious minds.”

Currently on iTunes is a bonus track version of Everlasting. There are two more songs included, which feature McBride’s own artistry, “By Your Side” and “Perfect.” This gives listeners a chance to hear McBride return to her roots as a country singer. These two surprises are in addition to the six that will be revealed when McBride releases the album.

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