By Professor Kibler || Contributing Writer

During the training for Posse mentors, the Posse staff begins by saying that mentors will learn more from their students than students learn from them. I recall being skeptical about this claim, at the beginning (I guess that’s just one more example of our Posse struggling to “trust the process”). But now that “my” Posse, Posse NY 12 is graduating, I can say, for sure, that this is true. Thank you seniors, for all that you taught me about trust, communication, honesty, and forgiveness. Working with you has changed the way I teach all my classes and how I interact with my family.  Posse NY 12, we had our ups and downs, but you always bounced back, found new paths back to each other, and have truly soared as scholars and leaders on this campus. There is much more to say. This is just a start. I am so proud to have been your mentor for these past 4 years.