By Jack Gilroy || Developmental Editor

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

This year’s Ryder Cup was a marginal win for the United States, it also being the most dominant win for the U.S. in recent history is something worth writing about. The U.S. routed Europe in a 19-9 result, the biggest winning margin since 1979.
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We saw the likes of some of the top golfers in the U.S. get the job done. This new generation of golfers seem to have all bought in and really are pulling for each other. With no crazy household names like Tiger Woods or Phil Nickleson, we were able to see the young stars perform and root for one another. It is like the changing of the guard as the younger generation comes onto the scene. It truly was like watching a bunch of buddies just go out, have some cold drinks, and play amazing golf.

With only 4 guys on the team above 30 (which isn’t even old for golfers). Hopefully this is the start of a U.S. golf dynasty that is for years to come. When they create the 30 for 30 on the golf version of the Dream Team, they better cite this article and me as the first person with this take.

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