By Julia Chirls, Staff Writer ||

Shakira gives the world of Latin pop music a reason to voice their pleasure once more with the March 21 release of Shakira, the Colombian singer-songwriter’s 10th studio album.  With the success of her previous releases, there is no reason why this album would not be just as

Shakira’s never-ending popularity during each of the 24 years in the music industry has grown and survived through our generation and will likely live on to the next ones.

Shakira has a skill that judges like her are searching for: she sings in Spanish and English, and has devoted fan bases all over the world. Her performing skills aren’t too shabby, either!

In Shakira, she maintains her unique style and pure sound. Two guests made a special appearance with Shakira in the creation of Shakira. I don’t know about you, but I get pumped up when an artist features a fellow artist in their own songs. These collaborations always contain a pleasing harmony of two very different vocal ranges, styles, and many times, genres.

Rihanna, a pop and hip-hop star, incorporates her unique sound in “Can’t Remember to Forget You.” Rihanna’s incredibly loyal fans have enjoyed her numerous hits such as “Disturbia.” Blake Shelton, a Grammy-winning recording artist, adds a touch of country to the song “Medicine,” taking the advice he dishes out on The Voice and giving the song an added depth. The country singer has produced eight studio albums including Red River Blues. In each of the songs, the featured singers adjust effortlessly to Shakira’s musical styles.

“Can’t Remember to Forget You” is the second song on the track list, released as a single on Jan. 21. It is an upbeat and catchy tune that speaks of a woman in a relationship that must end, but this woman has a limited memory. She recalls only the times in her relationship that felt like a dream. “I keep forgetting I should let you go / But when you look at me / the only memory / Is us kissing in the moonlight.” The lyrics encourage listeners to never give up and always look on the learning side of any experience, as it will make for  much happier future ones.

Moving along the track list, “Broken Record” is the seventh song on the album. Shakira rides solo in this one and knocks it out of the park. The song has a fitting, easy tempo, with a guitar accompaniment that adds an appropriate lightness to the tune. “I need you to believe in my word / I feel like a broken record / And I’ve told you 700 times / I don’t need to keep looking.” 

The lyrics speak of a woman who has found her one true love.  She acknowledges that she is older, so she does not want and does not need to keep searching for “the one.”

“Medicine” is the eighth song on the track list, and the promise of a featured country singer arrives. Blake Shelton joins Shakira, as they sing of a woman who is devastated by a relationship saddled with drug and alcohol addiction. It is a common problem todayat least we hear about it a lot in the news“And I feel again losing my mind / Banging my head up against the wall / Staring at nothing cause I can’t sleep at night / Can’t make it stop, yeah I think too much / What do I do?  Falling apart / I need a shock straight to my heart / No one would want to be in my shoes right now, oh.”  She cannot find the answers right now, or maybe she refuses to see the answer. In this song, the real medicine to cure the woman’s problem is not her ex-boyfriend, but rather the family and friends she lovesand love her.

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