By Alex Pinsk || Editor-in-Chief

Reflecting upon these past four years at F&M, I feel incredibly grateful. 

I attribute my incredible experience at this institution to the people—my fellow students, professors, advisors, mentors—and also my family and my friends who have been a source of endless support. 

I am very much someone who believes that it is the people that make the College. F&M has a culture of accepting and enrolling the kinds of students who are excited about learning, willing to try new things, and are engaged and involved in the F&M and Lancaster communities. The friends that I have made here are loyal and steadfast, and I feel confident they will last my whole lifetime.

The professors at F&M are outstanding. They are encouraging, transparent, and full of passion for what they teach. F&M has its challenges, but its professors are not one of them. My professors have been a constant even when other elements of life have gone awry. I have been lucky so as to have taken courses in a variety of different departments—something that I just recently rediscovered I had written to my future self at the Brooks House Phoenix Ceremony during orientation my first year as something I hoped to have accomplished. That, and meeting many interesting people, which, certainly, I have done. 

Being a part of The College Reporter has been a constant in my life since my first year on campus. The community, the energy, the craziness of those long sundays have been some of my most favorite memories. I will be forever thankful for that space and the people who have been a part of it. 

The College Reporter as well as F&M Tour Guides, the Classics Department, the Gov Department, PIT, Dip Con, Brooks Congress, flag football, study abroad, etc., have been organizations and activities that I have enjoyed and from which I have learned an incredible amount about community, scholarship, and leadership.

Shoutout to my fellow tour guides, and to the Admissions Office and all of its faculty and staff for providing such a wonderful, positive environment, one which I rarely saw a day without hopping into to give a tour or on my way to class. 

A special thank you to my parents for making it possible for me to attend F&M and to have the experiences for which I feel so grateful. I would not be where I am today without their endless love and support. 

Thank you F&M for the memories that I have made here, for the people I have met, for the support I have been given. It is hard for me to express how truly appreciative I am of the education I have received here and of the people who have encouraged me along the way. I feel that I am a better person because of the experiences and opportunities that F&M has led me to pursue. 

Happy Graduation, Class of 2020! I love you all.

Alex Pinsk is the Editor-in-Chief. Her email is