Full Staff Opinion ||

It has been five incredibly long and arduous weeks since The College Reporter overthrew its leaders (held Spring elections) and began a new regime under a neurotic former DipCon president and a moderately abrasive lab rat. While we would like to think we have evolved into a fully-functioning, completely sane organization in the absence of our senior members, we know that is a lie. Every week of the past month has been a struggle without them, and it will take us a while before we hit our stride as neophytes spawned from their glorious legacy. In short, we will miss them more than they know. Therefore, we want to take this moment, this last masthead of the 2013-2014 school year, and say thank you to our seniors.


Sloane: Thank you for being our TCR mom and keeping us all in check. You are the best writer this paper will ever see, and we will miss you more than you will ever know. Even though you are a “spineless jellyfish,” we love you. #newsisthebestsection

Justin: There are not enough words in the English language to describe how we feel about you—neon, flipflops, Ke$ha, and all. We know you’ll never fall on your face in life; your resume is boss. #sassy #manageratweis

Lila: Ever the Diplomat. We’ll miss your positive attitude, passive aggressive phone calls to Mark, and willingness to cuddle with Steven.

Sara: We are tempted to rehash an old nickname, but, perhaps, that isn’t kosher for a newspaper. Know that we will forever recycle your Edits speech and cry inside everytime someone doesn’t do it quite as well as you do. #jigsawpuzzle #chunky

Krissy: We will honestly be lost without you. You are, hands down, the MVP of the Reporter staff. Where else will we find someone who will take photos for the entire paper? Thank you for everything.

Mark: Always last to arrive, and, therefore, last on the list. We will secretly miss calling you 10 times every Sunday and staying late as you decide to read your articles for the first time at 9 p.m. Thank you for always keeping things interesting and for gracing us with your tales. Go sports! #woah


Thank you for being our mentors, second family, and friends. We love you. Good luck in your future endeavors, and congratulations on your graduation. Come visit often!