By Clarissa Grunwald, Contributing Writer

The College recently completed its Safety, Fire,  and Security Report, in compliance with the Department of Education’s Jeanne Clery Act, and in order to fulfill it’s commitment to safety and transparency on campus.

The report, which is posted on the College’s website on Oct. 1 of every year, includes information on rules and the consequences for violating them, crime reporting, Counseling Services, and educational programs. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the College’s Fire Safety Coordinator conduct the report using information and statistics received from DPS, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police, the Manheim Township Police Department, and mandated reporters on campus. Mandated reporters are F&M employees who are obligated to report crimes or incidents of which they have knowledge.

“F&M is committed to complying with all requirements and to providing [easily] accessible information about safety and security,” said Julia Ferrante, spokesperson for the College.

Although the report differs little from year to year, Ferrante commented that the latest report might be more thorough than it has been in the past.

“This year, like a number of colleges and universities, we have seen what we believe is increased awareness about the importance of reporting incidents in a timely manner,” she said.

F&M’s ability to report incidents on campus has also been bolstered by an increase of mandated reporters as a result of the enhancement of F&M’s educational outreach programs.

Mandated reporters are legally required to report any information that they learn about potential crimes on campus. This group includes faculty, staff, and contracted workers from companies such as Barnes & Noble, Sodexo, and Aramark.

The increase in available information is highly beneficial to people who live and work at or near the College.

“We believe when people have information available to them, they can make the best health and safety decisions for themselves and others,” Ferrante said.

First-year Clarissa Grunwald is a contributing wirter. Her email is