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By Abigail Glickman || Contributing Writer

Last year was not a typical year for F&M students. Freshmen were left by themselves to figure out college with no upperclassmen to guide them and second-semester sophomores had no freshman to make themselves feel superior. Last year made everyone’s inner freshman come out. HOWEVER, I think everyone can agree there was one silver lining to all the unusual times… D-hall was there for everyone! D-hall was there for us like how Benz Underground used to be our lifeline on those nights of “did I really need to take another?”. D-hall was there for us when the typical college experience left us. D-hall became a comforting, warm, and welcoming place where it made everyone feel like they were back at their house and a fresh meal was being cooked. Every day, there was a new dish being served up with extra love and care. There were so many options and the menu changed every night. What’s tonight going to be like? A new type of delectable, soul-soothing soup? Or, a new recipe from another country? A new mystery meat concoction? No one knew… D-Hall left everyone on their toes. DARE I even mention the absence of lines?? Chef’s kiss. We were spoiled with the luxury of waltzing into D-hall like we owned the place and having our meal ready to go within 5 minutes. Does anyone else feel jipped now that we can’t have to-go containers? 

Being the busy F&M students we are, acting like our future is brighter than everyone else’s, we need the opportunity to support our unsupported claims. We need those to-go containers to complete that assignment due by midnight which we only started 3 hours prior. We deserve this right we are being stripped of. Yet, I do have to applaud the ice cream machine. It tastes like Dairy Queen and Ben Jerry’s love child. It’s the perfect blend of creaminess with rich chocolate or refreshing vanilla flavor that makes you never want to put the spoon down, only adding to that freshman 15 or senior 60. Don’t kid yourself, we all see it and so do your pant sizes. But it could use some fun toppings to finish off the masterpiece. What? Who said that? Only leaving us to put cereal on, or my personal favorite: bananas. Which you have to try, it will change your whole experience.  D-hall completely changed with their makeover this year; like a trendy cafe on the upper west side of NYC, but still somehow found a way to be the stereotypical college dining hall, leaving students to empty their bank accounts on Uber Eats. 

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