So, you’re not a Halloween person and you woke up this morning to this text in the groupchat: 

Hey! Halloween party TONIGHT at 10! Wear your best costume, and BE ORIGINAL!

And… you had no idea. It’s literally Halloween TODAY, and you have class and clubs until 8:00 PM.

Don’t worry, I’ve totally got you covered. If you’re scrambling for a very, very last-minute Halloween costume, no judgment. I have some super easy ideas to get you started, with clothes you already have sitting in your closet. No angels, cats, or witches are permitted beyond this point. You’ve been warned. 

  1. Lumberjack
    • If you already have a closet full of plaid flannels like I do, and some blue jeans, you’re all set for this lumberjack costume. A nice pair of suspenders would work here, and an ax if you have one, but that part is not required. You’d probably have to leave it by the door of your party, anyway.
  2. Barbie
    • This would be a great costume idea, last minute or not. If you have a pink dress or skirt, you’re good. Barbie can be anything, though, so whip out your best, brightest clothes that make you feel good! Normally I’d recommend Barbie’s signature pink stilettos to complete the look, but definitely not while Trick-or-Treating…
  3. Bank Robber
    • This may seem strange, but hear me out… a pair of black pants and a black and white striped long sleeve is as simple as this gets! Stuff some clothes in a pillowcase for a money bag, and cover up your eyes with a black mask for the perfect quick bank robber!
  4. Plant/Tree
    • This one is so simple and so perfect. Just wear a green top, the more fun the better, and some brown pants, and voila! You’re a tree. Or a succulent. No commitment to either one is necessary. Leaves optional.  
  5. Hole Punch Jim (The Office)
    • Finally, this one’s super niche, but if you get it, you get it. Just get a white collared shirt, a black tie, and three large black circles for the hole punches. More people will recognize this than you think! 

I hope this gives you some insight into a quick, easy Halloween costume! Have fun at your party! And whatever you do, please don’t just stick a sheet over your head to be a ghost and walk out into the world. I promise you it will not go well. 

Emily Hanson is the Arts & Leisure Editor. Her email is