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Fashion fans and curvy women alike may remember the ground- breaking signing of plus-size model Robyn Lawley to Ralph Lauren this past fall. Now, only a few short months later, Lawley’s career has taken off in many directions, sky-rocketing past skeptics’ expectations.

As promised, the 23-year-old Australian has been modeling for Ralph Lauren, donning the Horse and looking downright perfect in the preppy outfits. Lawley knows the magnitude of her contract, because it stands for so much more than just another gig or headshot. In an interview with Celeb Buzz, Lawley explained, “Most designers do [plus-size lines], but they never take any pictures of it because they deem it unworthy.”

Well, with the dream team of Lawley and Lauren, every designer will know just how worthy and essential plus size models are, since they represent the average buyer. Also, seeing a “regular” woman in an advertisement entices women to buy the garments because she knows they’ll look good.

In addition to her spreads in catalogs and magazines, such as Elle and Vogue, Lawley’s blog,“Robyn Lawley Eats” has become wildly and deliciously successful. Followers of her Tumblr can expect to see pictures documenting the delectable-looking food, both sweet and savory, that Lawley and her friends and family enjoy. The blog features not only food Lawley herself makes, but also restaurants she ventures out to in her free time.

Additionally, she posts quick cooking demo videos of herself making treats, like the recent video of her flaunting a modern bouffant hairdo and an adorable apron while whipping up a batch of delicate strawberry macaroons. Warning: drooling will ensue if you venture onto RobynLawleyEats.Tumblr. com. Through her beautiful curves and equally beautiful cakes, cookies, and other treats, Lawley has proven Kate Moss wrong when the English model famously and controversially said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

She continued her defense of her curves, saying, “Being really skinny is not the look for everyone… I’d rather look like Beyonce,” and “Fashion should be changed to shape people’s bodies,” not the other way around. Lawley’s success is inspiring models around the world, helping young girls to understand and believe they can be prosperous and happy at any healthy size.

The future looks bright for the Aussie, as she’s rumored to have a cookbook and even a cooking show in the works. Scheduled to release this coming summer, Lawley is putting out her own line of swimwear, which she has taken the liberty of modelling herself. The line will mainly include cute bikinis meant for curvier women like herself, featuring supportive tops and higher-waisted, vintage bottoms.

As if all the aforementioned accolades haven’t proven how stellar Lawley is, popular fashion website My Fabulous Style certainly will. In their countdown of the “Top Hottest Fashion Females of 2012,” Lawley made the prestigious top 10 category. Her competition verifies her status as a dynamic model, as she’s ranked alongside models like Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio, all of whom have held the title of Victoria’s Secret Angel at some point in their careers.

Basically, everything about Robyn Lawley makes you want to be her best friend. From her curvy confidence to her quirky, somewhat retro-inspired personal style, and especially her delicious blog, Robyn Lawley seems to be taking the fashion and cooking worlds, and media in general, by an alluring storm.

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