Over fall break, a friend and I spent a lovely day wandering around Lititz, PA, a little town about 30 minutes from F&M. I absolutely loved our time in Lititz. Below are my recommendations of some ways to spend your time, should you visit: 

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery 219 E Main St

The first commercial pretzel bakery in America, the shop holds hourly tours for a behind-the-scenes look at the historic factory. (Don’t worry- it’s not an active site anymore; Sturgis has a modern factory 30 minutes away.) You’ll get a chance to twist your own pretzel, see the original space of the bakery, and learn more about the history of pretzels! The tour costs $5, and they also have a gift shop with lots of yummy options. 

Main Street 

There are so many cute local stores to wander in and out of in Lititz. If you need to do your Christmas shopping, there is definitely something for you somewhere on Main St. 

Tomato Pie Cafe23 N Broad St – 7 am to 3 pm

“A little food. A little coffee. A lot of charm!” This is a very cute local restaurant, menu here, run by the Fisher family. Aptly known for their Tomato Pies, I highly recommend their spinach-artichoke-tomato pie. It uses a typical crust like on any other pie, but has a savory interior. Think quiche but fancier. 

Wilbur Chocolate Retail Store45 N Broad St

The original competitor to Hershey’s, the Wilbur Chocolate Company was founded in 1884, and has been located in Lititz for 135 years. So many yummy options- and yes, free samples. It’s near Tomato Pie Cafe as well, so it’s primed for a post-meal sweet treat. Their chocolate is rich, luxurious, and comes in just about any shape or variety you can think of- though I went with their signature ‘kiss’ shape. 

Lititz ParkMaple St

Across the street from the Wilbur Chocolate store, Lititz Park has a fountain and creek swamped with ducks. Donating a quarter will get you a handful of duck feed you can share with the park’s occupants as you wander towards the playground and gazebo.

Junior Ella Peeples is a Staff Writer. Her email is epeeples@fandm.edu.