By Crystal Olague || Contributing Writer

As you all know, spring break just happened, and sadly we are all back in gloomy Lancaster. The weekend after the break is one of the best times because that’s when nosy people (like me) can see what cool adventures everyone has had. Now, when it comes to posting about spring break, there are three kinds of people. 

The first group of people are the ones who post every single second of their day to try and make everyone jealous about wherever it is that they went. Well, here’s a newsflash, none of us care! From the very start of the break to even the very last hour the night before break ends, we get constant photos of the subpar-looking food they ate, the basic outfits they wore, and the never-ending group selfies with the same four people. Now if this offends you, then maybe you should consider posting a little less of your vacation and actually enjoy the break. 

The second group of people are the ones who don’t post at all. This group may be the worst group of all because it tends to be the people who went to the most exotic or gorgeous places ever who choose not to post. The amount of people that I hear who ended up somewhere tropical or did something unique for once and didn’t post a single thing is astonishing. Maybe this just means that they enjoyed their break and used it as a time to actually relax. Maybe the reason why so many people either don’t like or make fun of this group is because we have nothing better to do with our lives, and we want to live vicariously through other people, and when we can’t, we get butt hurt. Hm, just something to think about. 

Lastly, the third group of people are the ones who know how to perfectly post while on vacation, AKA me. These are the people who choose a small handful of pictures from the entire week to post sporadically on their story to make it seem like they are barely posting but have been taking pictures the entire time. Then, just as the break is about to end, they post an immaculate photo dump that has all of the gems that they have been hiding from everyone, or they post pictures to their camera account, in which I am both people. 

Posting for spring break has changed from being a simple showing of the fun things that we did on our break to a competition about who had the best break and who looks the best. It’s kind of sad when you think about it because we can no longer post for the sake of posting or to show our friends what we’re doing because we know there are thousands of people watching us. So now, you really do have to post pictures of all the cool things you’ve done or else it never happened. 

​​Junior Crystal Olague is a Contributing Writer for The College Reporter. Her email is