Agathe Vanmassenhove || Sports Reporter

Qualifying for the semi-finals of the Centennial Conference after a hard-fought regular season, F&M’s men’s soccer team held their game against Muhlenberg on Friday, November 3rd. With an attendance of almost 200 people, fans were ready for a rematch of the regular season game where the Dips won 4-2.

The game started slow, with a goalless first half and both teams struggling to put together complete offensive possessions. F&M was more active across the field, leading to more scoring opportunities around the goal, but they couldn’t put any in. The Dips’ lack of precision in the first half unfortunately cost them the opportunity for a comfortable lead before halftime. Going into the second half, Muhlenberg upped their intensity, scoring in the 58th minute. The goal stunned the team, and fans went silent for the first time since the beginning of the game. Despite the psychological impact the goal had on the players, the team stepped up their play and put more pressure on the opponent’s defense. This paid off when Oscar Horwitz (#5) scored an incredible comeback goal in the 72nd minute. Tylus Field, which was silent after Mulhenberg’s opening goal, was now screaming and celebrating, hoping for another goal to take the lead.

The effervescence that filled the stadium pushed the Dips to play aggressively, but a lack of organization, pressure, and precision made it difficult for the players to get past the competitor’s defense and finish their drives. The game reached a fever pitch as both teams pushed to score. Unfortunately, it was Muhlenberg who scored the winning goal in the 82nd minute. With little time left in the game, the Dips tried to push forward offensively, but their opponent was too well organized. As the final whistle was finally blown, Muhlenberg held onto their lead, winning the game 2-1. The Mules will continue in the Conference with a matchup against Johns Hopkins, who beat Washington College 2-0. 

Despite the loss, the Dips still took the time to thank the crowd for their support throughout the game and the season. With the NCAA DIII Men’s Soccer Tournament beginning this Friday, November 10th, at Tylus with a game against Geneva College, the team has one more chance to extend their season. Hopefully, they can continue their strong play from the regular season, and overcome their earlier tournament loss. 

Sophomore Agathe Vanmassenhove is a Sports Reporter. Her email is