Dear Diary, 

I’ve found my husband. He’s perfect if perfect is even possible – he’s made me think it is. He goes to a college nearby, and we have 96 mutual friends. He went to high school with a girl in my Spanish class, the one who laughs every time she’s called on and packs up before the professor is done speaking. My newfound crush has dark eyes and brown hair, with a perfect AI-generated shine–not a cowlick in sight. He looks like he might be tall. Yes, I’m certain, definitely a tall demeanor. He’s a real man. He looks like he’s going to reprimand someone for questioning his lateness or spend 20 minutes at the water cooler. He wears ties but I don’t know if they’re short or long. He probably went to a private school where they had to wear khakis every day. He probably wears nice pants now too. He wants to get to know me. He asked to connect at 1:30 in the morning. I mean who does that?! “Isabella, please add me to your Linkedin network” my inbox read aloud. I was stunned. I love a man with confidence. He’s a hard worker. He worked at his dad’s law firm for FOUR YEARS. That’s amazing. He probably has a lot of money. He’ll definitely be able to support me. Although he’s also connected to my really close friend. I just don’t know if that would be awkward, and I don’t want to step on any toes…but who knows when they connected?? Like, that could have been months ago, and she’s never liked any of his posts. She didn’t even like his verbal commitment to Goldman Sachs. I wonder if he cares that I have more connections than him. I hope he doesn’t think less of me or think that I just do this all the time. I’m on this app for the same reasons he is. Okay, enough of this back and forth…I’ll accept the request.

As Always,

Just a Girl

Isabella Borrero is a marketing assistant. Her email is