By Agathe Vanmassenhove || Sports Reporter

As the F&M men’s soccer team reaches the end of their season, they hold a solid lead in their conference with 20 points. The team held their senior night against Gettysburg on Saturday, October 21st, celebrating the senior players on the team one last time at their last regular season home game. The team is now preparing to face Washington College on Saturday, October 28th, with the teams fighting over the first seed in the Centennial Conference Tournament. As of now, the Dips still hold first place following a 7-win streak stretching from September 23rd. Even with the team facing talented teams through the last two weeks, they have been able to fight through October without a loss. The team’s offense has dominated the past two home games, scoring four goals against Muhlenberg (final score 4-2) and John Hopkins (final score 4-3), giving the team confidence for their upcoming game.

 Dips forward Oscar Horwitz has been on a historic scoring streak, scoring all four goals against John Hopkins. This puts him at 18 goals on the year, beating the previous scoring record of 17 from 1986. He also tied the record for the most goals registered in a single game, assisted by Koa Kaliebe for both.  Kaliebe also tied a school record for most assists in a single game with four. These two players have been key to the success of the team, helping to create offense, and finishing in front of the cages for the score.

 However during the last home game of the regular season this past weekend, the team struggled to find their forwards and build up an offensive rhythm. After the Dip were able to sneak in a goal, Gettysburg locked in on defense, disrupting the Dips’ ball movement, and making it harder for them to find each other in the open field. Luckily, the team was able to hold on to the lead, and Sweet Caroline rang at Tylus once again. 

As the Dips prepare for their must-win game against Washington College this Saturday, we hope the team can carry the confidence they’ve had all year into the game with them. To win, the players have to communicate, be organized on the field, think to create scoring opportunities, and maximize every player’s strength for the good of the team. The game will be decided by small details such as precision in front of the cages, as scoring opportunities may be limited. But as we can see from the team’s 41 goals in 16 games, the Dips have the firepower and the confidence to increase their winning streak on Saturday. 

Sophomore Agathe Vanmassenhove is a Sports Reporter. Her email is