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Oct 15, 2020, 4:00 PM

Dear Students and Colleagues:

I am writing on behalf of the Pandemic Operations Response Team (PORT) to provide good news about recent COVID-19 testing on campus.

As you know, we had a testing session on Oct. 12-13 that was a combination of Group A students in surveillance testing, students who live in Ware College House (prompted by a positive, although low-level, wastewater test result), students returning to campus for Module 2, and faculty who chose to be tested. Some additional employees, including those who work in Ware, were either tested on campus or at an off-campus location through an external provider. 

Today, we received the final test results for this round of testing:

  • All test results for Ware residents were negative
  • All test results for Group A students were negative
  • All returning student test results, and any other student results, were negative
  • All employee results from testing on campus were negative 

In other words, in our most recent round of campus testing, there were no positive test results. As is usually the case, there were a very small number of tests that could not be processed at the lab, and those students will be re-tested next week.

Although most students contacted to be tested did come for their scheduled test this week, we had a higher no-show rate than we have had in the past. This testing is not optional. Students’ participation in ongoing testing is a critical factor in safeguarding the health of our community and keeping campus open. Students who do not come for their scheduled test are required to test at the next session, and disciplinary action will be taken if students do not participate as requested.

The positive wastewater test for Ware followed by no positive tests at the individual level has several possible explanations, and we are considering this data as we continue to assess the usefulness of wastewater testing in our protocols. At this time, we intend to continue wastewater testing through to the end of Module 2.

Thank you so much for your ongoing care to keep this campus safe. These significant efforts are the key to a successful residential semester.

Best wishes,

Alan Caniglia

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives