Alan S. Caniglia

Tue, Oct 27, 4:03 PM

F&M COVID-19 Alert Level as of October 27, 2020

F&M COVID-19 Update as of October 27, 2020

Full-Time Students Total2260
Students In-Residence or Commuting1466
COVID-19 Indicator#As % of Students In-Residence or Commuting
In Quarantine* On Campus(at risk and waiting for test result)00.0%
In Isolation On Campus (positive test)00.0%
In Quarantine* at Home00.0%
In Isolation at Home (positive test)00.0%
In Hospital00.0%
Cumulative Positive Tests Since Arrival (Entry/Surveillance testing plus clinical work)19
Current Active Cases of COVID-19(individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are still in isolation)00.0%

*In Quarantine indicators include students who were identified as contacts in contact tracing or are symptomatic, but not confirmed positives. 

Additional data, including entry testing, surveillance testing, wastewater testing, and FPS testing is available in F&M’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

F&M COVID-19 Update Notes

  • There are currently no active cases of COVID-19 on campus.

Pandemic Operations Updates

  • Per our Module 2 COVID-19 testing strategy, individuals in Group C were tested yesterday (10/26) and today (10/27). Modified universal testing will continue every Monday and Tuesday for the rest of the term. This week’s test results will be shared in the COVID-19 dashboard update on the College’s pandemic operations website this Friday. However, should PORT receive results that we, in partnership with our healthcare consultants, determine to present significant risk to the community, we will share the results and our response plan with the community as soon as they are available.
  • Please monitor your email this week for information about exit testing at the end of the semester. 
  • Wastewater results for the week of October 19 were all negative, indicating no measurable evidence of the COVID-19 virus.

Campus Reminders

  • Our community can now use a Local Student Email List ( to send messages intended only for students who are approved to come to campus. This list is automatically updated to include all students who can come to campus, and should be used by any campus organization, department, office, or club to share information about campus-only events and notices. The goal of this new email list is to communicate campus-specific information with our students learning in-person while mitigating the number of campus-specific emails being sent to our remote learners.
  • Masks must be worn in public spaces on campus. Public spaces include any indoor space where others may use the space with you or after you, and all outdoor spaces on campus. This policy applies even when you are alone and / or physically distanced. The only space where masks can be removed is a private space, such as a bedroom or personal office space.
  • As we approach flu season, don’t forget to get your flu shot. Students can call the Student Wellness Center (SWC) to schedule a time to get their flu vaccine at the SWC on campus.

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