Amy A. Myers, M.D.

Fri, Apr 10, 10:48 AM


I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and practicing all the preventive measures to help lessen the spread of respiratory illness including coronavirus: social distancing, disinfecting services, frequent handwashing, and keeping your hands away from your face.  It is also recommended at this point for individuals to wear a mask when in public to help prevent the spread.  Based on the latest trends,  these practices are starting to work, but definitely need to be continued.

I want to reassure everyone that we still have no positive or suspected COVID positive students on campus.  The Student Wellness Center along with help from key individuals in Student Affairs, Public Safety and F&O have prepared and are ready should the need arise to house and care for individual students on campus who become infected but do not need hospitalization.  

The Student Wellness Center has continued to remain open during the pandemic in order to support the remaining students on campus.  Please call prior to coming to the facility however.  Counseling services are available through telephone visits with the counselors.  If you have been seeing a counselor prior to the pandemic, you can email that counselor directly.  You can also call the main number of the Student Wellness Center (717-544-9051) to set up a telephone session with a counselor.  There are counselors available after hours for urgent needs.  Simply call the main number for the Student Wellness Center and you will be connected with the on call counselor.

Stay safe and healthy.  We will all get through this.


Dr. Myers

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Managing Physician
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