By Amani Dobson || Layout Assistant

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Shivering, I ripped the door to the Writer’s House open, and there it was. A warm breeze hugging me as Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” gently poured into my ears. So this was what the annual Writer’s House Thanksgiving looks like. I was only a minute late, but the line already stretched from the dining room into the living room and swooped to the door. These college kids do not play around with their food I see. I scanned the room for my friend Lauren and was grateful when she entered the room. She joined me in the line, and we excitedly stood waving to familiar faces until we finally reached the main course (no pun intended): the kitchen. 

The table of food seemed endlessly long. What immediately caught my eye was the delicious looking array of breads at the front. I quickly picked up two and plopped them onto my plate. I continued to grab food around the table as I greeted people—some friends, some I had never met. At the back of the room there were drinks and to my pleasure many desserts. After stockpiling our plates with numerous options, Lauren and I found a seat in the living room along the side. This time “All I Want for Christmas” was blaring out of the speakers. It felt like a huge family reunion as my friend and I caught up on our lives and engaged in bubbly chatter with our friends that were scattered around the room. The playlist contained many hits, and the entire room was singing nearly every song. There were people sitting everywhere, on tables, chairs, couches, floors, steps and the hall leading to the kitchen. 

When Lauren went to get more food I was left alone and could not help but notice how happy everybody looked at that moment. Not one frown or blank face. There was just a bunch of teenagers and adults mingling, laughing, and enjoying the great food provided to us that day. As someone who had been missing home recently, it gave me a familial feeling I had been missing after everything these past few weeks that left the campus environment tense and uneasy. This was pure love floating around the room and giving us each a kiss on the cheek. 

After finishing my plate, I went back up for some desserts, and on the table I saw my favorite holiday cookies which I immediately grabbed up. I also saw pumpkin pie, another favorite. I went back with those and scarfed it down pretty quickly. The dj started playing popular songs like “Thank U Next” and “Bad Guy” which got everybody dancing. Even the adults, who I had no idea knew any of these songs, were singing and dancing their hearts away with the rest of us. The photographer was snapping pictures the entire night, and I was so thankful that there was someone capturing these moments on camera. 

The entire event was like the one bright sunflower in a field of weeds. Warm, fun, and in the right place at the right time. The semester had been stressing everyone out that it was almost a perfect pick me up for the rest of the week. Overall, writer’s house Thanksgiving was a magnificent experience. If you did not go this year definitely make sure you show your face next November.

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