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By Diana Lichtenstein || Onion Dip Columnist

I have definitely spoken about being single far too many times on this medium, but I shall proceed regardless. Because of my typical single status, I usually try to avoid social media on Valentine’s Day. By “try to avoid it,” I mean saying I’m going to stay off social media but then checking Instagram every year, without fail. Ordinarily, the couple pictures are familiar to me and very expected. 

This year was different though. 

Picture this: I am lying in my bed at 8 pm on Valentine’s Day and I regrettably check Instagram. I click on someone’s story and… what the heck?! I thought those teams didn’t even get along! I thought that this guy dated this girl’s best friend before this. Is the friend okay with this new union? This was only one example of many of the baffling new couples. Most, however, did seem cute and right for each other–just surprising is all. 

Since I haven’t really seen as many people than I would in normal circumstances, so many couples were a shock to me. I mean, like 50% of these couples were an unknown entity to me before Valentine’s Day. Maybe quarantine #2 strengthened their bonds? Maybe I’m just more out of the loop at F&M than I thought? If that is true, I am seriously disappointed in myself. I mean I never even knew that some of these couples ever had a “talking stage” or even ran in the same circles. Anyways, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one who had this thought. I spoke to a couple of my friends who seemed similarly blindsided by these new “lovers”. 

Blindsided or not blindsided, I wish these twosomes all the best– and a more than happy belated Valentine’s Day. 

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