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By Diana Lichtenstein || Onion Dip Columnist

I don’t know if it’s the weather, Covid making people crazy, or general boredom…but something very strange has been going on recently. Pairings of people you would never put together are coupling up. You could also blame this on summer approaching and people feeling the need to find someone in time for that. Some of these duos are just too quirky. I want to preface by saying that the couples I’m referring to exceed my circle of friends. I support their endeavors whole-heartedly. For a moment, I believed that I was just a single and bitter hater, but I’m actually not alone in this opinion. 

While conversing with some of my friends, we went over the recent campus “tea” and discussed all the latest new pairings. These pairings aren’t only real relationships. This article also pertains to those who are exclusively “hooking up” on their way to dating. All that I kept hearing from this conversation was: “WHAT!?…blank is getting with who??” The reasons for these surprised reactions range from age gaps, different social circles, and just people who do not “sit well” in peoples’ minds. What’s even more shocking than some of these new couples are those who are rekindling their union, when it’s clearly a toxic choice. I mean, how many times can some of these people break up and make up? 3? 4? It’s getting a tad excessive. 

Please email me if you agree with any of this, so I can prove my point! 

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