Well, first off, it’s gross that I am a senior…not sure where the time went. What is even grosser, however, is how young these freshmen look (seriously, it’s crazy!!). Maybe it’s just because I’m a washed-up senior. Anyways, something adorable is going on–the freshmen are clueless and have questions that I will answer! Considering many would refer to me as the coolest person in the class of 2022, I figured it would be best for me to do the job. Here are some of the questions I received: 

Anonymous: What is Greek Life like at F&M? 

Greek life is thriving!! The Frats at F&M are especially thriving. The administration seems to love them wholeheartedly and the Frats weirdly never seem to get in trouble. Enrollment may be a little low this year, but don’t let that deter you from making your own–I’m sure that will end well! 

Stephanie Dolan: How do you go about talking to your professors? 

I think it is really important to make a great first impression with your professors. To ensure this, I recommend that you interrupt them during office hours while they are talking with another student and shove yourself right in! Making yourself known is always good! Don’t be afraid to raise your voice a bit–maybe even to a screaming level to assert your dominance. Remind them that they aren’t the boss of you. You pay their salaries, after all. 

Jackson Milone: What is your favorite restaurant in the Lancaster area? 

I would have to say Waffle House! It’s this quaint little joint right near campus. The food is so fresh and delicious. For some odd reason, no one goes during the day and I don’t know why. 

 Anonymous: How do you turn down a drink at a party? 

Short answer: You won’t need to! Good luck trying to get a singular white claw and not just a warm beer at the things we call “parties” here. Also, trust me, no one is shoving drinks in your face; if anything they are smuggling it for their own consumption. 

Kyle Mayer: Is it true that there is a swimming pool on the roof of the faculty building? 

You know, Kyle, that is a great question. I really don’t know so I am going to have to check for myself. If this pool exists, it should be as good as Waterside Poolscapes and it could go on my bucket list, second to swimming in the new arts building reflection pool. 

Makenna Fitzsimmons: What’re the best sporting events to watch at F&M? 

I like ultimate frisbee the best! 

Senior Diana Lichtenstein is the Onion Dip Columnist. Her email is Dlichten@fandm.edu.