By Tira Mercadante || Op-Ed Layout Assistant

If you haven’t heard by now, Franklin & Marshall has its own Surf Team. I had the amazing opportunity to get to know them a little better and get some insider info about this enigmatic group. 

How did the club start?

It’s not a club- it’s a team. We were able to kick it off with the help of gracious Alumni donations. Shoutout to the homies.

Where and how often does the team surf?

We surf every week at Lancaster Beach, but we call it “The Lancy.”

Who is your coach?

Coach Maverick AKA Coach Mav. Sometimes, he goes MIA due to foreign business in Columbia, Switzerland, and other places. He’s the GOAT though.

Do you believe you are D1?

Needless to say– we are undefeated.

Is the Surf Team co-ed?

Only looking for girls with one arm.

Will you be accepting any new recruits?

Not after what happened with the last guy. Next question, please.

When does the season start for you?

In the Fall, we’re part of a recreational division. In the spring and summer, we’re getting ready for the NCAA tourney. In order to prepare, every member practices abstinence and goes on a Paleolithic diet.

Does the snow affect your surfing plans?

What kind of snow are we talking about? 

Does the team have any plans for joining any competitions?

The NCAA, of course. Our archnemesis is Bob Jones University. BJU thinks they can beat us, but they can think all they want. F&M Surf>>>

How’s your tan from the winter season going?

Coach makes his own organic homemade sunscreen and makes us all wear it every day. Even when it’s snowing.

When is the best time to surf? Any tips for people wanting to surf? 

Every day is the best time to surf. Whenever. Wherever.

Coach Mav always says, “Surfing is a delicate art. You’ve got to let the wave push you forward. Sometimes, the waves will get bigger and bigger, and the cruising harder and more difficult. But as an elite surfer, you have to want for it to get hard, and be ready to ride it until you’re exhausted.”

I’ve never been to a surf mixer before. How do they compare? How could I get my name on the list?

What’s a mixer? We only know how to ride the waves.

If you want to try out for the team, email

You can also check out the Surf Team’s Instagram @fandmmsurf. 

Tira Mercadante is a sophomore and the Op-Ed Layout Assistant of The College Reporter.  Her email is

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